[Bell Historians] Tolland, Somerset

David Bryant David.Bryant at a1BQ0RVcblH9q_Xoaymrj5IQ3kvLWB5XMIpnG1ll0ssiYFlxOpazQ4PoMnbdbPrTuFYSJzsJPPI6WKcvKG6vhdxn.yahoo.invalid
Mon Apr 14 15:02:45 BST 2008

"I notice in this week's Ringing World that there is a plan to replace 
the unringable 3 at Tolland with a 2 cwt 8. Why is it proposed to 
create such a light 8 in a small village with no history of ringing 
instead of, for example, creating a heavier 6 using the current 2nd or 
treble as the tenor? "

I don't know but I am somewhat concerned about the future of the
existing 2nd bell - it by Roger Savery, a brassfounder of Taunton, whose
bells are exceptionally rare.



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