[Bell Historians] Nominal or hum

David Bryant davidbryant at eY__HbF2_J0l4_vlN6_er7bPQcVR8vyBVsrNCXLBJgtdDOGE4MRENkIS3Wqn1h2qiBUE3FYQunHnF-XY4IqzxnWjuoU.yahoo.invalid
Tue Apr 15 08:57:05 BST 2008

"One thing we are unsure about is how best to show the pitch of the smallest bells, this being because their pitch is more determined by the hum than the nominal. In fact the nominals of these small bells are very weak and almost un-measurable. "
I'd have thought it would cause confusion, especially in cases like this where you could have some bells in the set described by the nominal and some by the hum.

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