[Bell Historians] Nominal or Hum

Richard Offen richard.offen at LGdcihXBNsi02uIx2hi87UZR88ebC9vY_g1lNGjy9UCyrpDxMpGPcc10h9ekpJn6wR1VEtesShHfg4g-k2xp4rldcg.yahoo.invalid
Tue Apr 15 16:43:38 BST 2008

PS there is a recording on 'Called Home' of a peal of small bells, I 
forget where, where for my ears an octave jump upwards occurs half-
way round the circle. In rounds, I hear the back bells an octave 
higher than the small bells.

That's John Turney's Fire Ring and I've noticed the same effect there.



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