[Bell Historians] Duke of Albany a ringer?

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Sat Apr 19 16:33:37 BST 2008

At 16:32 on 14 April 2008, Robert Lewis wrote:

> - Bells News, October 1894, p.265;

> "In September, 1867, business requirements compelled John Rogers to
> take up his residence in the City of Oxford, which place he had 
> visited on previous occasions, and he was enabled to renew his 
> acquaintance with the Oxford members of his society, with whom he 
> rang several peals during the seven years he resided in that city. 
> About this time the University Guild of ringers was in full swing, 
> under the Presidency of Colonel Troyte, of Ch. Ch. College, who with 
> his brothers and several of the University members used to practice 
> with the city men, and rung some peals with them. It was no novelty 
> to see one or two noblemen in the belfry at that time, including 
> H.R.H. the late Duke of Albany."

> Does anyone know anything about the royal Duke's ringing career?  I 
> wonder if he was a member of the OUS?

I am a bit suspicious about the information in this article.  The OUS
wasn't founded until 1872.  J.E.  Troyte, of Christ Church, who was the
first Master of the society, was an undergraduate at the time, so it
seems unlikely that he was a colonel.  There is no reference to the Duke
of Albany in the OUS archives or in John Spice's 'History of the OUS'.

John Camp


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