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Mon Apr 21 10:56:39 BST 2008

The museum where I saw this bell is within the same old brewery complex 
so it is definitely the same bell and it must have been lying around for 
much longer than even the exhibits officer believed. I was never under 
any illusion that I had "discovered" the bell (and I don't think CJP is 
suggesting that) and felt sure that it would be well known by 
historians. The lack of information at the museum is however odd and I 
was hopeful of being able to gather something useful for them if their 
own records prove unhelpful. The possibility of a link with Radipole 
remains, although perhaps it is a red herring.


Chris Pickford wrote:
> When I thought I had "discovered" this bell about ten years ago, it 
> was in the old Brewery shopping mall in Weymouth. I mentioned it to 
> Christopher Dalton in some excitement only to find that - of course! - 
> he already knew all about it.

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