ALL SAINTS Boughton Alup, Kent

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The Kentish Express, Ashford.                               9 May 1952.            
 THE BELLS OF ALL SAINTS Boughton Alup, Kent, which pealed across the countryside for over 400 years, have been carted off to a London scrap heap. Kent archaeologists say the sale was "a mistake," and they are trying to rescue them. The bells - five of them, were sold to pay for church repairs. They brought in about £300, which was, the archaeologists say, fantastic, because the bells are priceless.One of them, a 40in called "The Great Bell Gabriel", was cast just after 1500 and could possibly be worth £1,000 on its own. All the bells had been hanging in All Saint's belfry since 1540.Permission for the sale was given by Canterbury Diocesan Board of Faculty. Now Canterbury Archaeological Society have decided to find out if they have been melted down, and if not whether they can be bought back to ring out once again across the valley of the Stour.


Any one know what the ourcome was?

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