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Define "Birmingham" - it's a simple-sounding question that would occupy many hours of research and many pages of script to answer

Basically, as has now been stated on this list, Selly Oak became part of Birmingham in 1911 when the Urban District of Kings Norton and Northfield (all historically in Worcestershire) was taken into the City.  

I'm not completely sure about the next bit, but I think that Birmingham ceased to be part of Warwickshire when it became a City. It certainly ceased to be part of the administrative county (i.e. served from County Hall in Warwick - as has been stated) but the key point is that being taken into the City wouldn't have dragged Selly Oak, Northfield, Kings Norton and Yardley into Warwickshire at the date the transfer took place. As I say, I'm not 100% sure about this, but my understanding is that these places were never in Warwickshire - definitely not administratively, anyway.


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  I dont know if these are any help
  Philip's County Atlas, 1891 : Worcestershire
  Bartholomew's Gazetter 1904 : Selly oak,, Eccl Dist and Rly Sta, Northfield Par, Worcs, in SW auburbs of Birmingham
  Bartholomew's Gazetter ?1924 : Selly oak,, Eccl Dist and Rly Sta, Northfield Par, formerly a ward in SW auburbs of Birmingham.
  [The map in the latter show it in Warwickshire, along with Birmingham]
  John David

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