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Andrew Aspland aaspland at 71XNnOpeMnPPx4jRR8dBzsb_J77Em9zMaSjzKophIcw7EJtkHFaHQfYv5UnLK1HTM232GHU6STsTrnVQ7g.yahoo.invalid
Sun Jan 6 22:58:09 GMT 2008

How public is public?

As far as I am aware the only part of a faculty application that is
available to the public is the notice which has to be displayed on a main
noticeboard at the church in question and this needs to be displayed for one
month.  How many of the objectors will have been to Cornhill during those 28
days?  Perhaps too much publicity was given to this project?

Any objections need to include the name and resident parish of the
objector - would a Chancellor be interested in the shallow ramblings of a
minor ringer from a small Kent village any more than we are interested in
the same when published in the Ringing World?

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