[Bell Historians] Re: Cornhill

John Camp john at -wkWh3iZnoz3-Psb1AUMNgeoZv1R0dMR1gBmW3jTIrZSH_J023-IdocszHZs4nbeZQmN9G9Ofw.yahoo.invalid
Sun Jan 6 23:15:49 GMT 2008

At 22:58 on 06 January 2008, Andrew Aspland wrote:

> How public is public?

Are you perhaps failing to distinguish between the initial application
(public only to the extent you mention) and what happens when the
Chancellor decides to hold a hearing (when the proceedings, like those
in any other court, are in public)?

> ... would a Chancellor be interested in the shallow ramblings of a
> minor ringer from a small Kent village any more than we are interested
> in the same when published in the Ringing World?

Well, we shall see. I hope and expect that the Chancellor will look at
objections on their merits and not be concerned with the personality of
the objectors.

Please don't assume from this that I agree with the objectors. I am just
a little bothered at the suggestion that a judge would take into account
the fact that someone came from a 'small Kent village' and was 'a minor

John Camp


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