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Mon Jan 7 14:41:04 GMT 2008

> A rather more worrying aspect - not mentioned so far - is that I
understand the Chancellor has sought independent advice from a bell
expert. Given that most people who we might think of as real experts in
the field have already been involved one way or another, I wonder who
has been approached - and what standing the "expert" might have among
bell folk and ringers

Many years ago, when I was with the National Trust in the UK, one of our
countryside wardens came up with a superb definition for an expert: "A
silly bugger from a long way off!"

The Church and conservation bodies are slowly constricting opportunities
for enhancing churches with things of our own times - this "stop the
clock" / "keep everything old irrespective of quality and usefulness"
fashion must be checked.

Hear, hear to that sentiment!


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