[Bell Historians] Cornhill / CofE Accountability

Richard Offen richard.offen at PcvwszKVJhrl6b8kkIFhuQEVYWjP3v-WaqXc7aRrgNMxCrHeNV62Wz93zB0FmMs9XpHQuol7uP1FdHHK8GY7zQ.yahoo.invalid
Tue Jan 8 14:12:00 GMT 2008

> .... modern secular planning control procedures are transparent ....
> No, they are not.  You try and get the names of those who have 
objected to a
> planning application, so you can talk the matter over with them 
before the
> matter goes to the local Planning Committees.  You can't.  Then you 
are at
> the mercy of the personal tastes of members of the committee.  The 
> we had getting the dormer windows we wanted was unbelievable; 
despite other
> houses in the area having dormer windows, 'velux' windows were 
> 'more appropriate' (and I am talking of a late 50's estate, not a
> conservation area).  Finally the committee refused to consider 
> simulations of the site.
> Planning Committees, bah, humbug. 
> Anne

Exactly my experience too.   

I was told that the information about objectors to a planning scheme 
I was party to would be kept confidential to prevent "witch hunts"!   



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