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Coincidentally, I've had a problem with the DVD too. It worked okay at first 
(and I'm on Windows) but the disk won't load automatically any more, and it 
won't open/run from "my computer" even though the display shows that it's 
there. Click on it and the disk spins, but nothing happens

Any views / suggestions - off-line - would be appreciated


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> “I have just got copy of the Bell News CD and can't read it at home
> because my bran new computer has 'Vista' (which in error I thought was
> a mere update of 'Windows' - but it aint”
> It is!
> Why can’t it read the CD? Email me off-list and I might be able to help.
> David
> --
> Can anyone please confirm if the Bell News DVD can in fact be read with
> Windows Vista or Windows 98 SE.
> Thanks
> Nick
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