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Regarding the ORIGIN of the plates, the first one - the Warner Chiming Mangle - is direct from their 1874 catalogue. The ornamental standing hemispherical bell is also from there, but the other curious items are not. The bell section is a 19th century adaption of an 18th century drawing I've seen once or twice. The latest modification I've seen in Meneeley (West Troy) 1912 catalogue.
None of this however answers Chris's original question, namely the source of these drawings in this compilation. It would be interesting to find out (and to read what is assumed to be an accompanying text).

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  Could I trouble you to post these two pictures to the list - I had trouble last time I tried - and then let me know the url

  I am anxious to see if anyone can tell me the publication in which they appeared - possibly an encylopedia of some sort.  The pictures appeared in various other publications and I;m not so concerned about them per se - just the provenance of these specific examples. John Eisel doesn't know the answer


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