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Sat Jan 12 21:50:38 GMT 2008

From: "David Cawley"
"The bell section is a 19th century adaption of an 18th century drawing I've 
seen once or twice."

I can't help identify the source, but the bell section looks very much like 
an Italian drawing to me, with a pointed lip and angular soundbow. Its 
inclusion with Warner, etc, drawings is rather strange.

Each of the Italian bell foundries (and there are still several, such as De 
Poli, Capanni, Colbachini) has a unique (and secret) method of preparing the 
strickle based upon pre-defined formulae, these being scaled for the bell 
size/note needed. The strickle is cut out of wood and is first used to make 
the core, then the shape of the bell is cut out to make the inner profile 
for the cope. After this, the strickle is destroyed to preserve the 
"uniqueness" of the bell.

David Bagley


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