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Sun Jan 13 04:01:03 GMT 2008

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> Hello Chris,
Chris, I have a photo copy of the Warners Chiming unit dated 1863.
It was published in and related to the "International Exhibition 1862.
Reports by The Juries in the 36 classes into which the exhibition was
This also included prints of other goods manufactured by Warners.
e.g lamps, goffering machine, crimping machine, urns, swing kettles, gun
metal water gauge and even steam whistles of all sizes were available.
The chiming machine was on page 129.  
The V&A were kind enough to send me copies relating to Warners in 1997.
This all came about when I mentioned that the bells were safe in the tower
of St Matthews in the City.
John N Dunn 
> Chris Pickford wrote:
>> Just to clarify my intentions/needs here, I had intended David to upload
>> the pictures and give me the url so I could post a slightly more
>> detailed request and refer people to the pictures. However, I can
>> understand that as "gatekeeper" he took my request as one to allow my
>> messge to go though as it was.
>> In the Swan collection there are multiple copies of these two plates,
>> but no indication of what publication they had been taken from except
>> that they are headed BELL Plate 1 (and 2) at the top, and marked Vol.3
>> in the bottom left-hand corner. Many of the images are well known from
>> other sources (e.g. the Warner chiming mangle), but what I'm keen to
>> know is the title, date etc of the book in which these particular plates
>> appeared.
>> Can anybody help? I would have said "replies off list please" but it
>> sounds from GAD's posting that others may be interested too
>> Chris Pickford


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