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> Peter Ferriday's biography of Lord Grimthorpe (John Murray, 1957) 
includes a
> chapter on Big Ben. According to Ferriday 'the bell [after its 
> journey from West Hartlepool to Maudsley's Wharf] was conveyed over
> Westminster Bridge to palace Yard on a truck drawn by 16 white horses.
> ....In the afternoon the bell was raised o to the massive frame at 
the foot
> of the bell tower, tested and then propped up with timbers to take the
> strain off the chains.' Nothing is mentioned about a diversion to to
> Cripplegate.
> Anne

>Interesting, Peter McDonald says it went to Cripplegate first.

>Which side of the river is Maudsley's Wharf?


I can't find a location for Maudsley's Wharf, but Maudsley's cottages and
yard were on the south bank, in the area of Greenwich.  See


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