[Bell Historians] Big Ben

Anne Willis zen16073 at oK0J1g5ElWhlbDiowtgUYtJaFrZ39NrHeIolfYW-bF0uyK-FZzgswcXyHYrONaSmXxL0dxJd1iLc.yahoo.invalid
Fri Jan 18 15:49:25 GMT 2008

Maudsley's wharf must have been west of London Bridge because the ship that
brought the bell from West Hartlepool was 'the schooner "Wave", a 105 ton
vessel especially chosen because she could unship her mast and so pass under
London Bridge.'  [Ferriday,p.39]

It looks as though Warners were trying to get the bell as close as possible
to the Houses of Parliament, and I do wonder why they would have wanted the
bell to go to Cripplegate, when they didn't have room to cast it there



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