[Bell Historians] Big Ben

Richard Offen richard.offen at GbiOPEjZL6eIXOMnfemIxermYkDPAdgQG7NEbf2zQHcy7qrQZG59kfIMTVn0j9Gz_dAD0Qise-7v2acUJ-842Q.yahoo.invalid
Fri Jan 18 23:07:02 GMT 2008

> It looks as though Warners were trying to get the bell as close as 
> to the Houses of Parliament, and I do wonder why they would have 
wanted the
> bell to go to Cripplegate, when they didn't have room to cast it there
> themselves. 
> Anne

I think it was lack of furnace capacity at Cripplegate that prevented 
the bell being cast there, rather than space.

I am inclined to agree with Stephen about Macdonald's book.   Having 
just re-read it, the book is rather repetitious in its use of facts (or 
non-facts as the case may be!) and language.   It is still an 
interesting account however.



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