[Bell Historians] Big Ben

Stephen Ivin s.ivin at a3B2FjV0L0aimh3Ajs40o3e2bNMVYh_EjYrrGXcytxWt2W-PnClwA_HGHrYrohESsRphLAaTeyNU-37gryOaDw.yahoo.invalid
Sat Jan 19 08:01:26 GMT 2008

David, I think you should perhaps re-read the Denison account in C, W & 
B 4th edn. Denison gives 8' 6" as the shaft width, you said 8' 2" in 
2002, which even so would probably have been OK for 7' 10.5" height....

The reduction in size for the Mears bell was to correct the pitch to 
match the now cast quarter bells, as much as anything.


David Cawley wrote:
> .
>> Regarding the over-heavy hammer. I still regard it as quite 
>> deliberate destruction. The J Warner bell was, as has been said 
>> before, much too large to pass up the central shaft, hence the 
>> extraordinary profile of the present great bell. Denioson was well 
>> aware of the fact.
>> DLC


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