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Sat Jan 19 18:15:44 GMT 2008

At 16:58 on 19 January 2008, dennis.powney at HZ_wb0AqpINb7y8E5ef83nejhK3ZLDhCqyATCAaXq9dlR39g7bBDmjj9U1lQwvK1-bC7Y8XvyVsNV0KR2PJoTDPIUuY.yahoo.invalid wrote:

> Sir Charles Craddock Hartopp, Baronet’ ...

> I have searched Google in vain.

He is mentioned at
<http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cradock-Hartopp_Baronets>  (with one 'd'
in 'Cradock').  He died in 1930, so it seems likely that this is the

John Camp


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