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Are you sure that the middle name was spelt Craddock rather than Cradock?  The Cradock and Hartopp families owned land on the south side of Leicester (adjoining Victoria Park) and the area adjoining Queens Road was developed in the 1880s under the name Clarendon Park.  Cradock Road (with one D) and Hartopp Road are streets within the estate.  Other street names nearby may provide some clues.

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  This is history, but not bell-related, sorry, but I hope someone may be 
  able to help me. A brass plaque in Chittoe, Wilts, church, placed there 
  in 1931, was inscribed, ‘In memory of Sir Charles Craddock Hartopp, 
  Baronet’. How can I find out who this man was? The surname does not 
  appear in any of the church registers, he was not buried there, and I 
  have searched Google in vain.
  Dennis Powney.

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