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Peter Trotman ptrotman at
Sun Jan 20 22:06:45 GMT 2008


Thanks -- the images display perfectly for me now also. The problem was that
the links to the image files each included a "\" on the two pages in
question. That doesn't bother MIE, but Firefox baulks at them. Mike changed
them late yesterday.

I like the creativity of your Webmail interface!

Regards, Peter.

On 20/01/2008, Carl S Zimmerman <csz_stl at> wrote:
>   Peter, the Home page images display properly for me on Firefox
> (Mac) and on OmniWeb, so i doubt that it's a Website problem.
> Curiously, the Webmail interface which I use to pre-screen email showed
> "" as if you had written "", which I doubt is a
> real IP address! Of course that has nothing to do with your Web
> problem, but I thought you're enough of a "tech" to appreciate it.
> Carl
> --- Peter Trotman <ptrotman at <>> wrote:
> > None of the images on the Home page and the Allesley page are
> > displaying for me (Firefox
> >
> > Peter
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