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Dear David,
You are right, one of the chapters in EC is about the Wanamaker bell, also known as the Founders' Bell; the chapter is called "Rodman Wanamaker's "Big Ben."
ENGLAND's CHILD: The Carillon and the Casting of Big Bells is going to be available to buy on Jill's site for the UK buyers, I believe, by the end of this week. At this time, books are being sold from Jill's site to USA buyers only.
The price per book shipped via Airmail to the UK is $44.
Hardcover w/dustjacket, 311 pages; 60 pages of b/w photos on coated paper; index.
I'll send you an email when site is ready for UK buyers.
The pub date in the UK is May 2008. But, this is a limited print-run and my advice would be to get a copy from JJ's site as soon as I let you know the details. There seems to be quite a run on the book here.
We are extremely happy to finally see it in print--looks and feels great. Riverside Church is hosting a book party on Sunday February 24--when Jill will read from her book, show slides and RC is providing the music. The tower is under renovation so access to see the bells can't be accomplished--too bad. We are leaving for Book Tour to Durham, NC, Bok Sanctuaty, FL, UofFlorida at Gainesville, and a few other places along the way. Northeastern appearances are being scheduled for late February and March. I know Jill would LOVE to do something in the UK--maybe you can think of some way of bringing her across the pond.
Warm regards,

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There is a whole chapter on this great Bell in the forthcoming book about Cyril Johnston, "England's Child", by Jill Johnston. Last I heard this is being published in America at the end of January 2008 and in the UK in March or April.

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Further research has unearthed the following (from the Friends of the Wanamaker Organ website). It casts some doubt on the supposed first casting date for the Wanamaker Bell of 1923 - it reads as if both attempts to cast occurred in 1926."The ... bell that rings from the belfry of the PNB-First Union bank building on North Broad Street and Penn Square in Philadelphia was commissioned by Rodman Wanamaker in 1926 as a memorial to his father, John Wanamaker ... The bell was cast by the distinguished Gillett and Johnston foundry in Croydon, England ... Production delays caused its dedication to be postponed from the Fourth of July until New Year's Eve 1926-27."Bill H

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