G&J Bells

Andrew Wilby andrew at ZKmQrWmCTyvh6bQgqTpRZmTvlb5FdbfboRrm0AqoFdmWY0sFsOV8uM-gF8sk2NT1mbF3xSt1kGY.yahoo.invalid
Sun May 11 18:13:40 BST 2008

Jim H

<Perhaps I should have made it more clear that Limerick should not have 
appeared in George Pipe's RW list of G&J true harmonic RINGS of bells. 
The only contender for excellence in that city is the Taylor ring at 
Mount St.Alphonsus. They are arguably the best bells in Ireland. But 
others may have different opinions!>

We are dealing with shades of excellence here but has Jim ever stood outside and listened to St Patricks (Dublin)?

Hopefully when the current re-arrangement of the frame to put all the bells on one level is completed in a couple of weeks time the quality of sound inside will match the outside.



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