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As cast the limerick bell (No. 3744) was clearly for the Chicago carillon.
It was rejected for some reason, but it is interesting to note that all
frequencies were sharp of the requirements for Chicago, but only slightly
so. Perhaps it was felt that there was not enough metal in the bell to make
all the necessary cuts to get it in tune.

In the event it was  tuned down from a nominal of 605 Hz down to 548 Hz (for
Chicago it needed  to be 580 Hz), losing about 6.5cwt in the process. For
the aficionado's both bells have a diameter of 56".




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I do not know in which Limerick building this bell is in but its weight is
31-1-19 in C# 274 dated 1931. It was originally destined for the Chicago
carillon No.60. May be the Limerick bell was a rushed order (as Cyril
sometimes does) or was inferior to be placed in the carillon but still


Alan B.

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There is indeed a single G&J bell at Limerick, dedication not given but
might be S Mary's Cathedral. Details from Vol 12 p106: Serial No 5620;  33
3/16";  7-2-6;  C  517;  16/07/1936.

I was in Limerick with Mike Pomeroy (TC of St Marys) on Wednesday afternoon.
He says that there is another large (35cwt ish) G&J bell hung in a church, a
few 100 yds east of St Mary's Cathedral. He recons that this was installaed
about 1936 also.




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