FW: Saltaire bells

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> > Nadfas church recorders are having some problems finding out 
> > the notes of the saltaire bells.
> Are NADFAS records of bells any use? I don't recall having seen any 
> given that most NADFAS recorders are unlikely to be familiar with 
bells I do
> wonder.
> David
I hope NADFAS Church recorders make contact with those who have 
detailed knowledge of the bells installations that they record.  I am 
sure that ringers who are also bell historians have more knowledge 
than 'mere' recorders.  Let's hope the two groups can work together 
as the church recorders do a very complicated job of which bells are 
only a small, but as a ringer myself know, an impostant part, of the 
total record.  I am a member of both groups and tried to do the very 
best I could, using information that I had access to as a 


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