[Bell Historians] Re: FW: Saltaire bells

Anne Willis zen16073 at _o4U_jx_ysdk8nz-0mh22tkLf4mD5WhD5KYiDubXx6AdiORfd0C602WFSKUAzelftkyr8bvaeyI.yahoo.invalid
Sun May 18 11:32:50 BST 2008

> > Nadfas church recorders are having some problems finding out 
> > the notes of the Saltaire bells.
> Are NADFAS records of bells any use? I don't recall having seen any 
but given that most NADFAS recorders are unlikely to be familiar with 
bells I do wonder.
> David

I have never found them to be of much use in Wiltshire.  One local group did
contact Neil Skelton about their bells, but that seems to be the exception
rather than the rule.



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