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Suggest looking up the on-line Dove.
Alan B.
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  Can anyone help here please? I know the answer will be 'Yes' but it's the details I want J

  I have looked at Dove's database but can't find an entry under either 'Saltaire' or 'Bradford'.

  Thanks in advance.



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  From: Susan Behrens [mailto:susanbehrens at VELAAaaZRJMHkHIaRRaKH73viZJD94ksbo9X_k2XdYDnIM0NnfOSwjZYxEn9aQnjspCUClgIZUSg0jKEi6nljg.yahoo.invalid] 
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  Subject: Saltaire bells

  Hi there! Nadfas church recorders are having some problems finding out the notes of the saltaire bells. I notice that you have rung there and wonder whether you are able to help? It would be excellent if you could. Many thanks Susan Behrens

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