[Bell Historians] Netting on Towers

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Are there not electrical devices that use ultra sound or the suchlike that will do the job?

Alan B.
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  2008/5/23 Richard Offen <richard.offen at UfYr_hILKI--_3qpLUFBCxhtFrAE41u-88Y16Rig4TdceRqhgVyUF0viLT044n_aHSoUE1VmEykxqcHsODJX_69yJHsJ.yahoo.invalid>:
  > Why can't the netting be fix to the inside of the tower windows? This
  > would surely be much easier to fit.
  > R

  We did this quite easilly as we didn't like the mess they made in the
  belfry. Now we have a lot of fed-up homeless pigeons who now sit on
  the window ledges. As the main entance to the church is through the
  West Tower door the mess has now been transferred to the groud in
  front of the door,much to the annoyance of he vicars who tried to get
  us to remove it. We haven't so they have tried to scare the pigeons by
  putting a fake hawk on the tower. That hasn't worked either, nor did
  the anti-vandal paint they tried.


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