ringing rooms of the mid-18th century?

Laura Dickerson lauradi at jZADMJZoecaHk_INLzBi1aXomq2sMwCNAC4A74NyfBqywW1acQ3L2mbThN0QAPNZniaG8YFHjsGy7m8.yahoo.invalid
Fri May 30 13:33:54 BST 2008

    We ringers at the Old North Church (Christ Church) in Boston, 
Massachusetts are standing in a famous historic site when we ring.  The 
whole church is a regular stop for visitors interested in events in the 
history of our revolution, but additionally, Paul Revere was one of the 
ringers when he was a teenager, so there are special tours that come up 
to the ringing room. The education director at the church would like it 
if the ringing room were more "historic" looking.  The only specific 
thing she
has come up with so far is to get a tasteful wooden cabinet to enclose 
our plastic water jug and snacks, and to ask us to keep the room tidy.  
It has led us to
wonder what a ringing room from the 1750s would have looked like, 
especially one that was mostly populated by a bunch of teenage boys 
(they left a very formally
worded contract behind, so we know who rang, how often they practiced, 
and so forth).  Are there any descriptions, or illustrations from that 
time period?
Thanks for any information.
Laura Dickerson


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