[Bell Historians] ringing rooms of the mid-18th century?

Anne Willis zen16073 at MDb4yNrBk5q3JozDoLTDVC-oCe9QzXlH20NQlI47mzCGHOJNqtCRS82gRWbuLGYoy7_JQN-RDhY.yahoo.invalid
Fri May 30 13:44:29 BST 2008

>It has led us to wonder what a ringing room from the 1750s would have
looked >like, especially one that was mostly populated by a bunch of teenage
>(they left a very formally worded contract behind, so we know who rang, how
>often they practiced, and so forth). Are there any descriptions, or
>illustrations from that time period?
>Thanks for any information.
>Laura Dickerson

There was probably a barrel of small beer for refreshment and a nice 18th
century set of rules on the wall.  Sensible rules about not wearing hats or
spurs when ringing and fines for breaking stays.

One thing that intrigues me about illustrations from that period is the
proportion of left-handed ringers in the band; usually about 30% of the



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