[Bell Historians] SS Mary & Ann, Cork.

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There is certainly a good view from the top having done the climb a few 
years ago. It's a pity that the tower is not sufficiently stable to 
allow full circle ringing.

There used to be a hospital next door to St. Ann's Shandon , and I think 
that the noise of the bells was said to make the patients shake in their 
beds. A 27cwt tenor outside your window must have been enough to wake 
the dead!

St. Finbarre's Cathedral is also worth a visit - they have recently 
augmented from 8 to 12. The organ is buried in the floor so as not to 
obstruct a stained glass window.


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>     Before replying to this letter, can any one tell me what is making
>     these bells unringable and give any other material that may be of
>     interest.
>     Thanks, Alan Buswell
> St Ann's Shandon as it is generally known, opens its doors to tourists 
> and allows them to climb the tower and chime the bells. Full details 
> of the bells are at:
> http://www.bellringingireland.org/Other/ShandonWeights.html
> They were rehung dead in the ringing frame by Taylors in 1908 when the 
> recast 12 & 8. Some of the fittings survive in lower chambers of the 
> tower.
> The Church website is as follows:
> www.shandonbells.org/ <http://www.shandonbells.org/>
> There are fears about the tower structure, and I imagine that 
> rehanging will never be on the cards (rather sadly). They are a truly 
> fine octave.
> Matthew
> Matthew Higby & Company Ltd,
> Church Bell Engineers,
> Jasmine Cottage,
> The Street,
> Chilcompton,
> Bath,
> BA3 4HN.
> www.bell-hangers.com

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