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Bells on ships are maintained as 'Trophies, and along with other  
silver / gold items engraved with the ships name passed via the RN  
Trophy store on to the next ship of the same when  newly commissioned.

There are some very historic items floating about when you consider  
names such as ARK Royal have been used for nearly as long as the RN  
has existed.

Another traditional use for ships bells are inverted  as fonts for  
Christenings of babies born to ships crews families, the names of  
babies christened on board in the ships bell are engraved on the bell.
I was serving on board HMS Decoy ( Daring Class destroyer) in 1969 and  
lucky enough to have him christened in the Captains cabin with his  
Mum, and both set of Grandparents, Aunts and Uncles for quite a unique  

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