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I was told a tale about these bells by an ex London ringer and 
wonder if it is correct . 
As a result of bomb damage there is crack in the tower which opens
and closes as the bells ring . A ringer hanging his coat on the peg has
to ensure that no part of it slides into the crack because , if at the end of the 
last touch the crack has closed , you have to leave your coat there until
next week !
I last rang well before rehanging and several of the bells made trouble
for each other in making them either drop or go over the balance without
warning . I assume the rehang fixed all that ?
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Alan Taylor:

>> I am sure that John Adams would be happy to let anyone interested see the
>> bells. They are rung every Wednesday from 12.30 to 1.10.

Thanks to Alan for keeping everyone informed, I have been away in
Pembrokeshire for the weekend. Alan Hughes did the test last Wednesday,
so we should have the report soon with the full details. Should be no
problem with getting it fixed at Soundweld but it's not going to be an
easy task getting it out of the tower!

As Alan says, if anyone wants to come and look, we ring every Wednesday.
The chalk has been left on the crack so I will try and do some pictures
this week and possibly another sound file.

As to the cause of the crack, we shall probably never know. With such a
small sample of cracked bells, no work has ever been done to find the
cause of cracking, especially in our case where there is no obvious
reason or defect in the bell.


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