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I have updated the Salisbury Diocese data in the NBR (and uploaded the

Thanks for the data.



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I note that the NBR gives nothing for St Mary the Virgin and St Nicholas
church, Sandy Lane, Wiltshire. There is actually, attached to the outside
west wall, a small, un-inscribed, bell of about 20 lbs. It is swing rung
from a rope hanging inside the church.

Also, the bell from St Mary's church, Chittoe, was removed at the time the
church was de consecrated, 1980, and re-hung in the tower of St Nicholas
church, Bromham, where it hangs in its own wooden frame and is used as a
Sanctus bell. It weighs 112 lbs and has  J P - B cast on the waist -
Jeffreries and Price, Bristol. It was cast c.1845.

Please can someone add these details to the NBR.

Sandy Lane church claims to be the only wooden structure, with a thatched
roof, built as a place of worship, in England. It was originally dedicated
to St Nicholas. St Mary the Virgin was added in 1980 when the church at
Chittoe closed.

Dennis Powney.



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