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In a book on the history of the country village of Clipston in the county of Northamptonshire there is a paragraph which reads:

The Enclosures Act of 1777 states that the parish clerk from time immemorial has been entitled to a piece of ground in the open fields called Bellropes, and he was entitled to a sheaf of wheat from every yard of land in the open common fields of Clipston and Newbold as part of his wages on condition that he found the necessary ropes for the bells. In 1777 a further piece of land in lieu of the sheaves of wheat was given to the parish clerk.

One has heard of many instances of Bell Yard or Bell Field where itinerant bell founders cast their bells but how frequent do we find examples of the above?
Is there a history attached to the making of bell ropes? Who made them in those days and who might be the earliest known bell rope maker?

The five bells of Clipston are:
1, 1752 T Eayre.
2, undated.
3, 1681 William Babley.
4, 1589.
5, 1869 J. Taylor & Co. [13-3-0].

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