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> Alan Buswell wrote  
> 'One has heard of many instances of Bell Yard or Bell Field where 
> bell founders cast their bells but how frequent do we find examples 
of the
> above?'
> The name Bell Field may also have been given to land whose rent was 
used to
> maintain the bells.
> There was some land at Hilperton Marsh, near Trowbridge, which was 
given for
> the maintenance of Trowbridge bells by a grateful person who had 
lost his
> way and was guided home by the sound of Trowbridge bells.  The 
> reminder of this is 'The Ring of Bells' B&B, Marsh Road, Trowbridge.
> Anne

In the Leicestershire village (Great Bowden) where I grew up, we used 
to ring once a year for 'bogmire night' and were given a shilling for 
doing so. The tale was identical to Anne's , However, on the wall in 
the choir there is a plaque with words to the effect that interest 
from the field was to be paid annually to the bell ringers for 
celebrating deliverence from 'Papish idolatury'

Nontheless, we all referred to it as 'bogmire night' I must ask my 
brother if they still get the shilling ( 5 new P !) which when first 
granted would have been a significant amount 

Eddie Martin


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