[Bell Historians] Ludlow

Anne Willis zen16073 at BhqftKrKRRCPfxPUtlBa-NRWF4ACjrvjS4a2oICZvKnCWEOgGhCT2nM7xZuobZH7U7AZA2SZOwI.yahoo.invalid
Mon Nov 24 14:21:07 GMT 2008

Richard Offen wrote
>Did they really manage to get octave hum notes out of the Rudhall bells at

Not Quedgley, or a tenor, but our Rudhall bells at Holy Trinity, Bradford,
have a wonderful hum; to hear them coming down is stunning; the nearest
equivalent is an orchestra of cellos.  Bells by the Purdue family, John
Wallis and the Bilbies (Rode coming down is wonderful too) also have a good
hum, (happy bells according to my daughter).  Is it perhaps a characteristic
of founders who might have a Bristol association?



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