[Bell Historians] McShane bells in the British Isles

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Wed Nov 26 08:19:44 GMT 2008

CSZ wrote "The description of the bell at St.Anne's as having a "button head" is perhaps not quite accurate. ... McShane bells have a conical neck, which fits into a conical socket in the cast-iron yoke (stock)." 

I take your point about the head. I wasn't quite sure what was under the yoke / stock until I saw the Heaton Norris sketch. Conical seems a fair description. Presumably the O'Byrne bells - of which I;ve seen several in Western Australia - have similar heads which fit inside their "patent rotary mountings"

Any McShane bells in Australia? None in the extract from the 1888/9 catalogue, nor in Keatings Bells in Australia book. I'd be interested to know if any are known from other sources

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