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--- In bellhistorians at yahoogroups.com, "Bickerton, Roderic (SELEX GALILEO, UK)" <Roderic.Bickerton at ...> wrote:>> > The latest Dove policy, regarding PNBR:> > > > "Our software has now been re-designed in such a way as to ignore,> automatically, changes in diameter of less than 1.5%"> > > > I submit this is appallingly crude, not acceptable.> > It represents about 3/4" of an inch on a 24cwt bell.> > It is about 3 times to lax, 0.5% is not exactly difficult to achieve,> > for a well made and undamaged bell.> > > > Why corrupt or refuse good data just to avoid having to comment bells> which due to poor casting or skirting produce excess variation depending> on where they are measured?> > > > Its seriously unjustifiable, in comparison to the tiny changes of weight> or pitch accepted, being equivalent to about 1cwt on a 24cwt bell.> There were some very small differences being entered into the system that could, more than likely than not, be the result of inaccurate measuring in a confined space or, perhaps, a tape measure that was not as precise as it might be. John does change things that come from the bellhangers/foundries. Weight changes are very often from research into foundry records, when bells are rehung and re-weighed or from weight charts supplied from foundries and are therefore different from diamater changes. I know of only one occasion* when a bell has been weighed locally in a tower and there cannot be many more than this (Clue - it is currently lying in its pit!)Mike 

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