[Bell Historians] G&J weights (was Bell diameters) now canons

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Wed Oct 1 16:29:16 BST 2008

"NV buttons/flanges have only a central (thick) stem."

They also generally have four solid lugs between the bell and the flange

However Taylors usual type for ringing bells (trebles of higher number
rings are of a flange fitting on (usually) three pillars. (see Elphick,
Craft of the Bellfounder, p.43).

I think it's usually 4 pillars.

Sorry - being pedantic here!

I had email discussion about this a month or so back with John Baldwin
and Andrew Higson, the question being whether Dove should differentiate
between button and flange tops. It was decided that it was probably as
well to continue using the same classification for all - after all, no
distinction is made between normal and radial canons, and it's a
difference of a similar magnitude. Also, in some cases (e.g. Surfleet
trebles) it isn't clear whether they should be described as button or
flange tops.


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