[Bell Historians] G&J weights (was Bell diameters)

Chris Pickford c.j.pickford.t21 at S-U2bGqAoJcx7jdsdzZAwUFjZYO0UIUBPCPZDGfPto8FAjpbTAEq6aZ6U08k7TcLy7QgvU1fl3pqnXOHLYomFXBb4FN5LH1OemA.yahoo.invalid
Wed Oct 1 17:31:26 BST 2008

I'll leave it to Aan (to follows this list) as to whether he want his contact details given out in an exchange like this.

But I can say (to save him from being troubled with one query) that the surviving foundry records (the tuning books) DON'T indicate canon type.  I also agree with David B that the number of G&J bells with flange tops, button heads etc is likely to be fairly small

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