[Bell Historians] G&J bell tops

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Thanks to John for putting the mater in proper context.


Uncounted years ago someone long forgotten told me the tops were normal,
obviously wrongly.

I wouldn't have a clue.


Taking Mathew's comment as correct,


I had a count up on the list; there are about a dozen rings of 10 or
more with G&J trebles post 1925.

I propose contacting those towers, if no more flange tops are revelled,
Watford is probably an isolated error.

If significantly more are discovered, then it would be worth asking a
few 8's in the date range, and with similar weight trebles. 


Regarding the reason for a raised flange, I have been told the tuning is
slightly moved by the tightness of flat head crown bolts. Also bolting a
flat head to a pad would damp any excitations spreading into the crown.

Could a raised flange be an attempt to improve the brightness of smaller
bells, particularly if they are of a heavy scale for inclusion in a big




The "Gas Accumulator Co" list from Alan is a puzzle to me. Lots of 410
HZ (G) and a lot of F bells.

What were they for, what became of them?



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