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Re ERod's query:
The Gas Accumulator Co of Brentford were suppliers of equipment for lighthouses, lightships, and the like. You will find a number of bells inscribed with their name on bell-buoys (there is one illustrated in my Channel Islands book).  Bearing in mind that bells on buoys were more often than not in the range 24" G - F, it is not surprising to find that this is the major output in their name.
I have a copy of a profile drawing of of a 24" Gas Accumulator bell which was sent by G&J in 1956 to Taylors, who cast two Gas Accumulator bells around then with G&J's name on them. It resembles in every respect the Gas Accumulator bells cast by Mears and is significantly different from the Trinity House bells supplied by both Mears and Taylors, not least in having a much larger diameter flange head.    
Chance Brothers, mentioned at the top of Alan's list, were also suppliers of lighthouse euipment, and there is a bell, with a wide flange head, on St Helier harbour pierhead building.
For a couple of splendid images of a flange-headed bell in retirement (by Carr's of Smethwick) see http://kent.lovesguide.com/dover_debradleywharf.htm 
As to G&J ringing bells, I don't think I have seen a flange-headed bell by them that I can recall.


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