W & T Mears 1791 bankruptcy ??

Brian Meldon CanewdonBells at G1r_280cv0MZxRkjmfb81dV13S14JJLVnw0DxvVrm3JLhhZerVpYSTY57LlA_xPjvLd5WspAt4H0pFPRLam09yY9deCpaQ.yahoo.invalid
Fri Oct 3 13:59:28 BST 2008

While researching the documents at the Essex Records office in regard
to Canewdon's bells I have come across the following document: 

D/P 18/6/2 
Correspondence from assignees in bankruptcy of W. & T. Mears,
bellfounders, of Whitechapel, with account of charges for new bell.

The 4th bell at Canewdon was cast in 1791 by T. Mears; I have yet to
look at the two letters in this document but were they really in
bankruptcy at that time?

Brian Meldon


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