[Bell Historians] W & T Mears 1791 bankruptcy ??

Brian Meldon CanewdonBells at _gE6pA65FdUZcM_TiP3xxpsxGnIsW6KYq40HUBbD9WafJVAMXip4-X9_fgCecWS6yDIhxcr04Eeqm5sFjKLC6m0.yahoo.invalid
Fri Oct 3 16:28:36 BST 2008

Thanks David
I should have mentioned the bankruptcy correspondence relates to All
Saints in Ashdon not Canewdon. William Mears had retired in 1789 so
the correspondence probably relates to the 1787 W & T Mears bell at
Ashdon, but four years is a long time to wait for payment before
taking action, that said the Canewdon churchwardens did not pay Mears
for the transportation costs of the old 4th bell taken back to
Whitechapel by Mears in part payment for the new bell in April 1791
until the February of 1794!.
I will view the two bankruptcy letters next week if I have time.
Brian Meldon


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