Reading the national bell register

dcwillispiano dcwillispiano at
Wed Oct 8 18:27:35 BST 2008

I have downloaded the oxford guild part of this into a spreadsheet
and as others have said , it is all a splendid piece of work .

My first home tower , Sonning , has 4 Ellis Knight tenors dated 
and under the LIST column of the register "yes" is entered against
each bell . I presume that this is a preservation order . Isnt it the 
case though that any bells of this age have to be preserved intact ?

If this is not so , are Sonning any more worthy of preservaton than
Ellis's heavier tenors at Reading SMV , Oxford SMV and Bray , also 3
of the 10 at Magdalen College .

For another comparison , 5 of the back 6 at Thatcham are listed ( 
Ellis's tenor has been recast ) but the back 6 at Hurst of mixed
earlier dates are not and Fred Sharpe found 2 maiden bells there .

Thank you to everyone who has played a part in the creation of
these registers .

David Willis


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