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I would like to be able to supply the details but i live in Barnstaple
now . However , I shall ask the local folk if they have the kit to record
all the bells .
Sonning was , I believe , in 1912 the first major restoration Taylors 
did in Berkshire . 3 cracked trebles recast , cannons off , new frame
and the sound is very much as you would expect . Had the same job
come up today , maybe the trebles would be welded , the cannons
retained and the Knight bells not allowed to be tuned .
Perhaps then , both Sonning and Thatcham represent an example
of the bell tuners art that cannot be repeated ?  If thats the case then
I would have thought that any maiden bell of that age would be listed .

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> I have downloaded the oxford guild part of this into a spreadsheet
> and as others have said , it is all a splendid piece of work .


> My first home tower , Sonning , has 4 Ellis Knight tenors dated 
> 1640/41
> and under the LIST column of the register "yes" is entered against
> each bell . I presume that this is a preservation order . 

It means that the bells are listed and there are certain assumptions 
against tuning, recasting, etc - others will no doubt fill in the 

I notice that canon status for the front bells, frequencies and 
diameters are not in the pNBR - can you not supply them to JCB?



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