[Bell Historians] Riverside bass bell

John Camp camp at TJ8ljpFjT55iKGR0MQF_c5wvfOluXaawZs9GvPY34HRTPOJKHoIXrJKb4DiarwilsaswQE4RP5R4PIWYxyY.yahoo.invalid
Thu Oct 9 22:48:36 BST 2008

At 22:33 on 09 October 2008, Alan Taylor wrote:
> Bill's phrase was "it's like hitting a cow up the arse with a wet shovel"

That's a bit more like it!  How could you hit a cow up the arse with a
wet bullock or, indeed, bollock?  Mr Teebald would be mortified.  You
can't blame Microsoft for everything.

John Camp


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