[Bell Historians] Big bells was Riverside bass bell

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It was Jim Hedgcock (not me) who said that "three of these monsters were cast and rejected" after which the first was accepted. He was of course entirely correct. An expensive episode, though I understand that Rockefeller paid for the moulding, casting and tuning of all three. 

I still have my emails, and can see no reference to the bell being commented on unfavourably by Jim or anyone else as RB suggests.

I did say "closely followed by Chicago's superb C#" which may be taken by anyone with sense in their head to mean that it is a superb bell, but lighter and a semitone higher. Its marvellous qualities in no way detract from the fine quality of the Riverside bell cast four or five years earlier.


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  On 09, 2008 8:14 DLC said they had 3 goes at casting it and eventually went back to the first attempt, suggesting they were not that pleased, and I thought someone else also commented unfavourably, although I have not kept all.

  He also said

  "closely followed by Chicago's superb C#" so presumably that is the answer.


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  > O/k so where is the biggest decent, accurately tuned bell?

  Erm ... Riverside?


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